Sports Dog Training

We specialise in Schutzhund/IPO dog training and working trials. With over 20 years experience we are the UK’s largest canine training centre focused on Schutzhund/IPO and sports dog training. We are active members of the South Valley Sports Dog Club and have qualified a number of dogs from Schutzhund/IPO 1 through to the highest level – Schutzhund/IPO 3. 
We regularly train with some of the best helpers in the sport, most notably Dave Harris, a professional dog handler from South Africa who flies over every year to train at our facilities. We hold seminars on bite work for Police and Sports dogs through the summer months, attracting a number of Police forces from around the country.

Schutzhund/IPO dog training originated in Germany and therefore is reasonably unknown in the UK. Our experienced dog trainers offer one to one training for all aspects of Schutzhund/IPO dog training, from bite work to tracking and obedience to ensure your dog reaches the highest possible level in sports dog training.

The main area we choose to focus on is the training and development of the young dog from a puppy to an adult dog competing at the highest level of the sport. The focus is put on the natural drives of the dog to develop a high level of concentrated work where the dog learns to overcome the challenges whilst ignoring any distractions, resulting in a calm tracking sequence with no panic.

If you are interested in Schutzhund/IPO dog training please feel free to contact us.

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