Our purpose built Kennels has been established since 1987 and are licenced by Reigate & Banstead Council, recommended by local vets and dog warden services. With over 30 years dog training and handling experience and 15 years’ experience of running a kennels we welcome all breeds whether big or small. Both pet and working dogs are welcome, as part of our business we are also a training centre specialising in behavioural issues in dogs giving us the experience for the more difficult dogs to stay with us.


We have two main kennel blocks each kennel has an internal area with bedding where the dogs will be closed in of a night time, while throughout the day the dogs have the choice of being inside or outside all having internal and external tiled covered floors. During the colder months the kennel blocks have controlled heating with double glazed windows and doors as well as being well ventilated. We also have a small quiet block that is used for the more timid dogs that may feel overwhelmed by the larger blocks.

At the end of each kennel block there is a large run which the dogs are alternated throughout the day as well as a 30m x 30m secure grassed exercise area where the dogs are exercised off lead. During the busy months the dogs will go in the exercise area at least 3 times a day, more throughout the quieter months, where our dedicated staff will throw a ball around to keep our guest entertained.

We provide all food, bedding and toys. If you prefer you may bring your own bedding and food, however please do not bring your own toys in case they are misplaced.

Our local vet is available 24/7 in case of any emergences; our experienced staff are more than capable to give any medication including insulin injections that may be required at no extra cost.


If you would like to view our kennels please just turn up! Catch us as you find us, no booking required. We just ask that you turn up during business hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
aturday: 10am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed


One dog: £14 per day +VAT
Two dogs sharing: £25 per day +VAT

Our charges are calculated per day including the day you drop off, if on collection you pick up before 1pm you will not be charged for that day.


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Von Wolf Kennels - Company Registration Number: 08421576

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